February 17, 2012

A Musical Trip

About a month ago I took my daughter to the local music store.  It was like going back in time.  It took me straight back to high school and my college days.  As soon as we walked in the door the smell of incense filled our nostrils.  I remember nights with friends and even boyfriends relaxing with drinks and burning incense.  Days of old.  My daughter thought the incense was very nice.  We went to check out all the "flavors".  We even bought three sticks of incense.

 We began to walk around and of course there were LP's everywhere.  I had to explain what they were to my daughter.  She thought they were very large CD's.  Talk about generation gap.  There were many great rock hits and LP's that were rhythm and blues.  Great hits like Earth , Wind and Fire.  Great tunes.  There were music posters.  I do not think that kids nowadays really buy posters the way my generation did.  I remember having music posters of all my idols!  My daughter was interested in the Bob Marley posters.

We spent about an hour there looking at posters, records and smelling incense.  A trip to the local music store can be quite an outing for the kids and a trip back in time for you.  This weekend I will finally burn some of the incense I bought that day.  Peace out!


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