February 14, 2012

You Tube At A Party

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

I visited Clear-Internet.com and switched our internet service provider. Now, I can stream things off the web as clear as day. It is awesome! My favorite thing to do is to use our streaming player ( connected to the television) that picks up the internet through built in wifi. It has a lot of different things that you can access like Netflix and Amazon Prime. My favorite thing to use it for though is to pull up YouTube when we are having people over or having a party. You can actually watch YouTube videos through the internet on your television. Now, with our fast internet provider the videos don’t buffer forever and you can watch the videos with out a pause. Sometimes I put on music videos when people are over, but other times I just put on popular videos or comedy shows. YouTube is really show much fun, I wish that I had thought of it first! If I had, I would probably be a very smart and a very rich woman by now!


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