March 16, 2012

Casual Fridays

Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I remember some years ago when we would have casual Fridays in the office I used to work in. Some people would take it to the limit.  We were in a work setting where we could never wear jeans...even on casual Fridays.
I remember one co worker in particular. She was one who tended to put on airs and I remember she was one of the crowd who played tennis. She would come in to work on casual Friday with a white tennis skirt on that barely covered her butt cheeks.  She would accompany that with a nice tennis sweater and some nice flats. It just looked like she had on a extreme mini skirt.
I guess it really would not cause any friction BUT...we had some Mormons in the office and they complained about her attire.  She would tell me that she was called into the head bosses office and told that her skirt was too short for the office.  The rest of us would get a memo about what casual Friday meant in our office.  We did not even had it every was something the office allowed once a month.
After that coworker wearing her miniskirts several times people got picky and began to tell on each other if they thought that their clothing was not right for casual Friday. I wore a denim skirt...long to my knees and I got in trouble for that.  I accompanied it with a blouse, a blazer and heels.  Another time I wore a skort...with flaps so you could not see that it was a skort.  It looked like a pleated skirt. I had someone ask me if it was a skirt of skort.  I said skort....I got in trouble for that. We all got an email.  It was not just me...others were called out for various other violations of the invisible dress code as well.
Well. We soon realized that it was four months and we had not had a casual Friday.  Management stopped it due to all the tattling and so called violations of the dress code.  Petty and ridiculous how small minded some can be!


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