March 11, 2012

Just Call Me A Hater

Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Just call me a hater, I guess.  But every time I see or hear Nicki Minaj, the only thing that comes to mind is FREAK!  And not in a good way. I recall that when she first came on the music scene there was some sort fo feud between her and Lil' Kim. She was in the same category.  Now that that is over...I guess it is...Nicki appears to have come into her own.  Own sense of freakville. I don't could be all the weird hair.  All those different colors.  I do not have a problem with colored hair.  Just odd colored hair on her.  It looks SO very  unnatural.  Everything about her appears to be fake to me.

And let's not forget that very crazy, demon show slash exorcism she put on for the Superbowl.  What the hell was that? That was weirdness of the chart.  The one line in her current song that plays on the radio now that just gets me is," i want you to just father my young." What sort of message is that sending out to young girls.  THE WRONG ONE!  Women of color already have the black man who does nothing but father their support, no child support and they for the most part are not taking part in the raising of any children.  Young women today need to hear a much better and more positive message than that.

I am just happy that I have the power to change my radio station with the touch of a dial.  Sorry Nicki, this is one parent who does not like your message to young girls.


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