May 05, 2012

Just a Little Fun!

Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.

With the rush of technology changing everything, the world of games has changed as well.  Our phones do so much these days.  Are they really phones?  More like computers that we use very little to talk on.  I know.  When I look at my child she is forever on her phone, either texting or playing games.  Computer games sure have gone through a transformation from the Nintendo 64's of long ago.  They are now with us on our phones.  Games are on line, on our pc's, on our phones.  Everywhere.  They can be great stress relievers or just something to pass the time as we wait.

Something that has taken off recently are the  hidden object games . There are several of them on Facebook that my friends have played.  I even play at times.  They are great for the memory.  If you are interested in the hidden object games check out the link.  There you will find a plethora of options to choose from to pass the time away.  It is a gamers' paradise with all sorts of games and prices to choose from. You can play on line or on mobile and if you want to own and download your games forever, you can have that option too.  In addition to the hidden object games you have about 1300 games to choose from!  How cool is that?  The site will even accommodate the type of system you have. you can play the hidden object games on your PC or Mac!

Playing the hidden object game on My Game House has  incentives to playing as well.  You can collect coins, rewards and badges.  Have you ever been stuck in a game? I know I have because I did not know all the tricks.  My daughter puts me to shame with her ability in some of these games.  Well there is even a forum to help out with that too.  It will get you past those levers you may be "stuck" on.Well, go on.  Try it!  The hidden object game is on free trial right now.  There are many scenarios to choose from. Gardenscapes is the game you can down load now for free.  There are instructions in case you need download assistance.  There is even a funpass you can try where you can access all the games for a 7 day trial.  Gardenscapes has 60 levels with several search styles.

Got some time on your hands?  Waiting on an appointment?  Check out the hidden object games.  They are challenging and fun all at the same time!


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