July 05, 2012

What is the World Coming Too?

I woke up this morning and saw this news story and could not believe it....a lifeguard was fired for saving a mans' life because he was drowning a few feet away from the area where the guard was protecting.  Read the story here:   Florida lifeguard fired after saving man's life.  Just because the signs are up does not mean you do not have a duty to save someone.  The man was swimming in an area just outside the lifeguards range where signs are posted "swim at your own risk."  The guards are supposed to just call 911 and hope that rescue gets there in time.  Maybe there would be an issue if 2 people were drowning....a man in the guards area and a man outside.  IF he left the man in his area and saved the one outside and the man in his area drowned...maybe there would be an issue to fire the employee.

This is a sad case.  We have guards at our local beaches and I have often wondered what would they do if they ran into this situation. I wonder what sort of message this sends to other guards.  I bet some will just let you drown if you are outside the area.....not good.  The guards on our beaches have watched out for kids who went out too far who were not swimming in the guarded areas.  I have seen then blow that air horn and signal for them to come back into the shore.  Who knows how many they have saved and the general public did not know?

Whoever made the decision to fire that young man was clearly in the wrong.  I commend him for saving a life.  With the skills that he has obtained as a guard, I think he showed great character by saving that man.  I only hope that the employer will see things differently as well in the future.  That young man was a hero that day...not a bad employee who cannot follow directions.  Tomas Lopez, you are to commended!


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