February 11, 2013

Hotel Supplies

In the past I have been involved in hosting and planning a few parties and banquets at my church for fundraising events.  When we went to Guatemala we held a dinner for about 80 people.  It was quite a production.  It went off very well, but we were in need of restaurant supplies that we did not have. Chaffing dishes, sterno, serving platters...you know.  Well, luckily, we knew of a friend who actually owned a restaurant and we were able to borrow all the things we needed from her to make our dinner successful.  We borrowed chaffing dishes and serving trays.  When I think about it, these are things our church should own since we often have dinners year round for a variety of things.  Each time we have to borrow.

When I think of Hotel Supply  I think of vendors that have literally, everything you could need to make your event a success.  For example, PeachSuite provides supplies and equipment for clients in the healthcare, catering and hotel and hospitality business and if they don't have it, they can most likely get what you need!  Sweet! They have been in the business for 30 years and provide services at an economical price as well.  They are a family owned, wholesale distributor that will provide what the customer needs via delivery.  Their mission is to offer more....more products, service, value and options.  They do this by fostering good relationships with vendors and companies.  What client can argue with that?

PeachSuite makes it easy to get supplies with  Georgia Hotel Supplies Online.  With a huge Atlanta showroom stocked with thousands of products, they can supply everything a client may need to run their hotel or bed and breakfast every day.  If you are just opening your business they are the company to consider as they specialize in new hotel openings.  The "hotel in a box" or "room in a box" programs will have you up and running in no time.  To me that sounds like one stop shopping with everything from linens and bedding to all equipment. 

Hotel Bar Supplies are also something that every hotel or bed and breakfast needs. You know it is always 5:00PM somewhere and people are always ready to get there party on!  From the bartending supplies to the server supplies, you can find them at PeachSuite.  Even down to the ice handling, they have it all. 

If you are in the hospitality business and need great brand name supplies at a value price, it would be worth your while to check out PeachSuite.  Even if you are a individual like me or a small business, we too can order from them.  Very nice to know if we  have events and are in need of restaurant grade equipment in the future. With their online services, it is easy to order.  Should we have questions there are professional customer services representatives available if we need them.


  1. The quality of the supplies in a hotel really make a huge difference to the feel of a hotel and the quality of a guests stay. It is really worthwhile making it an area of investment.

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