February 11, 2013

Notes on the News

Notes on the news.  After working all weekend, I feel a little disconnected from what has been happening in the world.  The bits I have been able to pick up from the weekend is that the California police are going crazy.  The rogue officer they are trying to catch...you know the one with all those grievances who is now targeting officers and their families...well the regular police are all going crazy.  They have made two extreme errors in identification and shot up a grandmother and granddaughter who were delivering newspapers in a pick up truck. Since when do two females look like the male they are trying to find??  The police shop up the truck. Luckily no one died. 

Then it happened again.  They shot up the truck of a WHITE surfer.  Since when is the one they are looking for white?  He is a black male.  It is sad because it lets you know that the officers who are on the force are not properly trained, have no good judgment and obviously no investigative skills.  I am glad to say that I do not want to live anywhere in that region right now.  Anyone innocent can fall victim to the bad decisions of the police there.  Someone needs to get some control.

The next news bit was about the pope.  Having gone to all Catholic schools, I have been immersed  into the Catholic faith having to study religion all those years.  I am not catholic and never have been.  I saw the Christmas mass and the pope looked very frail then.  He even needed help with that.  I do feel for him.  He is retiring or resigning due to health issues because he can no longer do the job.  I just hope that he will have some time to enjoy his time off and that he is not so sick that he is just sick and nothing else.  I hope he can have a little good quality of life. 

I did not see the Grammy's.  I never watch those award shows.  Instead I watched my favorite show, Downton Abbey. Love it!  Bates is back and the whole gay conspiracy has been resolved.  Not the way I thought but that is okay.  At the end we saw the preview that next weeks show is the finale.  Much too short but such a good show!  Can't wait for season 4! 

I am sure that there is much more going on in the world but I guess I will have to catch up this week with the morning and evening news! 


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