July 28, 2013

The Weight In

I was not going to weigh in at all on the Zimmerman case.  It is all too sad and too wrong.  I would have to agree with the juror who appeared on GMA, that Zimmerman got away with murder.  Poor Travon Martin.  It is a sad case among many that have happened the very same way before.  Since racism and racial profiling is still alive and well in this country, there are those few innocents that will be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.  They will be on the wrong end of the gun and on the wrong end of the judicial system. 
When I saw this picture that has been circulating around the web, I decided to post about it.  There is no justice for Trayvon and Zimmerman is a free man.  Free of sorts.  He will have to live with what he has done.  Time will make changes and eventually he will come to realize that he was wrong.  It may be years from now but that day will come. 
Race relations have improved but there are gross changes that need to be made on both sides.  Education is the key to a better life and so many do not take advantage of that. They are caught in the slave mentality that has been there since the civil war times.  Breaking out is not hard but it will take lots of effort.  Maintained effort.  Maintained because there are a barrel of crabs under every ladder. 
Rest Trayvon.  Rest well.  You are in a better place.  Gone too soon but better off that the rest of us dealing with the ugly reality of racism.


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