February 22, 2015

Leggings are NOT Pants

Leggings are not pants, people!!! I do not know who in the fashion world decided that leggings could be worn as pants but they are most wrong!  Leggings are not pants.  They are to be worn with the long, long shirt or tunic or sweater that covers your butt and most of your upper thighs. 

What I see everyday is just a fashion fail!  It would be okay MAYBE if just the skinny wore them.  What I see most often is the girls with the jiggly cellulite, the girls with the giant donks and girls with lots of rolls everywhere wearing them as pants.  Nothing long over them, nothing covering the butt, nothing shielding my eyes from the roll and jiggle of many pounds of fat! 

There is no shame in wearing them either.  The tighter the better. Some are almost see through!   I wonder where they are even bought in those sizes.  Fashions come and fashions go.  I just can't wait for this fashion trend to end.  It does not look good on the big girls of the skinny ones!  Those leggings as pants tell no lies!

Okay.  Rant Over.


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