March 22, 2015

Dreaming of Alligators

Dreams. What are they made of?  Mine were made of gators last night.  The odd thing is that I have had this dream before.  Or rather a version of it.  I did not remember it until I was back in the dream early this morning.  It was a calm dream.  A good dream.  I was on a trip. On a cruise with a lot of other people and we were all going to a place way out in the middle of the ocean were gators lived.  Once a year hundreds of thousands of alligators congregate way out in the middle of the ocean to mate and to fly! FLY!  Yes.  It was amazing.  They would leap in the air and fly over and above the ocean and the boat.  It was magical as this was the only place in the world where they could fly. 

We were all dressed in our evening gowns and men in tuxedoes sipping champagne up on the upper decks viewing the flying.  It was amazing.  Then suddenly I was home and there were regular gators around all over that we had to forever be careful of.  In the yards to take our pets, if we left our doors open they would come in the house.  I remember having to fight one to stop him from getting to my cat. My cat MiHa who came back to me in this dream, who died back in 2000 after being my most beloved pet for 14 years.  It was good to see her again and to see her happy and with me.  I still miss her. 

Sipping champagne in an evening gown on a cruise ship watching flying alligators.  Visiting with my beloved kitty! That was a reoccurring dream worth having. 


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