March 27, 2015

Go Alone

This week the awful story of the Germanwings plane being crashed into the Alps was everywhere.  As it turned out, the plane was deliberately crashed by the pilot, Andreas Lubitz.  As it turned out he was declared unfit for duty and apparently  was having mental health issues.  If you are having all those troubles why take innocent people with you?

If you want to take your one life, go alone.  Take it alone. Don't take others with you.  Why take all those innocent people with you?  It makes no sense.  There was also some sort of illness that he was suffering with.  It has not been made public what it was as of this post.

There was an 8 minute descent. I cannot imagine what that was like except for sheer terror. According to reports there was screaming passengers.  How awful. The only good thing was that all died on impact.  No suffering, no burning, no drowning or having to fend against sharks. 

There is an awful lot of misery in the world.  If you have miserable seek help.  Don't harm innocent people and if you choose ot take your life, go alone.  ALONE!


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