March 11, 2015

Naked Man Shot By Police

I know this is 2015 but racism is alive and well everywhere.  I read the article this morning about the officer killing the naked man in Georgia.  Seems very typical but there should have been a better way.  Why did the officer have to use his gun.  The man was naked and crawling around on the ground.  Why not use the Taser?  That would have incapacitated the man but not kill him.   Apparently he was a veteran suffering from mental illness.  There has to be a better way. 

It is open season on African Americans.  It is shoot first and ask questions later. You would think that times have improved but they have not...or not that much. Racism is something taught.  You do not come out of the womb a racist.  Parents teach their children to hate. Thus, those of us who were not raised that way, we have to be careful.  We have to teach our children to be aware that you may not be treated the right way when confronted by the police.  Better yet, do whatever you have to do not to be confronted by the police.  The outcome is not in our favor. 

There is still a reason to day we shall overcome. We shall overcome one day.


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