March 15, 2015

Rose Was NOT the Doctors' Girlfriend

David, David, David!  Rose Tyler was not  the Doctors' girlfriend.  She was far too whiny and mewling  most of the time.  I have been watching the doctor since I was a child....over 40 years now and for the life of me I have never been a fan of Rose.  There was just something..something I have yet to put my finger on. Yes, I know she was pining away for the Doctor and got the replica in the end.  I am so glad I was just a replica...and not the REAL doctor.  Rose!  So sick of her. David Tennant on Doctor Who: "Rose was a girlfriend... even if they didn't say it"

There was never anything between them. Never, except for Rose pining.  In the end he could not say those words she so wanted to hear via hologram. 

The best companion was Martha Jones. She realized the doctor was not good for her and left on her own!  Go Martha!  She was the best by far!  Loved her all the way around.


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