April 27, 2015

Bruce Jenner and His Transformation

Bruce Jenner!  What can I say. I believe that he has been trapped in the wrong body for a long time but did it have to take multiple wives to find that out?  I watched the tv interview on and off and he looks weird!  A hot mess.  to each his own. 
The annoying thing is that I cannot figure out why he will now get a reality show about his transformation. REALLY?  Is that even necessary?  Chaz Bono and others who transformed did not get a show.  Will anyone really watch it or will it be so strange that people cannot look away?
I do not think he needs anymore publicity or trends on social media.  There  are far more important things that the world needs to focus on with now.  People are suffering and dying in the world and they are not getting the press that they need.  A sex change on a washed up celebrity athlete is more news! Sad!
Nepal just had an earthquake, human trafficking seems to be at an all time high and #blacklivesmatter doesn't really matter.  There are bigger fish to fry and far more important issues than a sex change.  The world is a messed up place and this just proves it.


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