April 12, 2015

3 Cuppa Day

So far is has been a three cuppa day.  I went to the beach this morning before dawn and even though I was wrapped up I still got a chill.  Even now I have that same chill and I left and got home about 9AM.  Its 2:30 pm now.  I arrived there around 7ish this morning and it was cold.  Cold and the wind was blowing.  I wore a dress.  My legs were fine. It was my upper body that eventually got the chill. I did also walk in the water.  I took off my shoes and braved a cold tidal pool to collect a starfish. 

A few weeks ago it was on the news that starfish had been blown in our direction by the wind.  Since then, they have been found on our beaches.  The first week there were starfish by the thousands.  The ebb of them have subsided.  I went hoping that I would find one but did not think I would.  It was kind of crazy because there was a family walking ahead of me on the edge of the tidal pool and all of a sudden the father bent down and just plucked a starfish from the ground!  Really? I had been walking the other side of the beach for an hour before that happened.  Well, then I decided I had better look for one.  There was not one at all on the side were all walking on. 

I then decided to look across the tidal pool and see if I could see any there.  No one was on that side walking. About 5 minutes later I saw one!  Excitement!  The immediate problem was how to get it.  For me to get around to the other side of the pool I would have to walk quite a ways and come back to it.  I looked behind me and another beach comber was approaching me where I was.  I looked down at my shoes. I did not have on the right pair.  Coming to the beach this morning was a whim.  I had not planned it.  I had on my black, suede clogs.  Those  are not beach shoes.

The lady behind me was coming with her plastic bag full of things she had already found.  It was decision time.  Off came the shoes and I waded about 6 feet through icy cold water to get the starfish on the bottom of the tide pool.  Score!  I waded back and of course my feet were wet and sandy.  Well...no choice.  I put the shoes back on. 

I debated whether to put the starfish back but, in the end I decided to keep it.  I did walk  the beach for another hour and then headed home.  I've been drinking hot cuppas and been wrapped up in a blanket ever since. Three cups of earl grey. I think I will go put on a sweater in a bit. I might just have to heat up the German mulled wine that you drink warm.  I got two bottles of that for Christmas.  Today will be the day to break the seal. 

Out to run a few errands then back.  Movies, mulled wine and a blanket.  That will be the rest of my day. 


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