April 07, 2015

Officer Charged wth Murder in the Death of Walter Scott

Another sad day.  It has come out by video, thank god!, that Walter Scott was gunned down by the officer who shot him.  He was shot 8 times in the back as he ran away from the officer. IH watched the video and it looked like he was dead as soon or even before he hit the ground. There was no movement and even when the officer was yellow hands behind back there was no movement at all.  The officer moved his hands behind his back and cuffed them. It looked like he was cuffing a dead man.  So horrible and needless.  And then it gets worse.  The office goes back to the car and gets his taser and drops in next to the body of Walter Scott to add some credibility to the story that Walter Scott was trying to use his taser against him.  Lies!  All lies!

The officer has been charges with murder.  It is clear that is was just a senseless murder of another innocent black man.  Yes he was running but I am sure that Walter Scott already knew that he was going to be killed so he was trying to get away.  I just thank God that someone was there and taping!  Otherwise the lies the officer was telling would never have come out.  He would have been a free man.  Running does not justify 8 bullet in the back. 

When will it end? When will the release of innocent black men also end after they have spent most of their lives in jail? New DNA results show innocent black en have just been locked up.   How many innocent black men have died already?  Been executed already?  When will the injustice stop?

#BlackLivesMatter   I just wonder when the rest of the world will begin to believe it too.  #walterscott


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