March 28, 2015

American Horror Story: A Look

I do not have cable tv.  I got rid of it in 1995 when my daughter was two.  We were never at home to watch it.  There are many shows I would love to watch and even the BBC and Scifi channels...but...still I am never home to watch that much tv.  Thus, when I do want to catch up on a show I normally go to the library, many seasons later and check then all out and have a marathon.  Luckily the library is only 1 to 2 seasons behind on any show so I can keep up fairly well. I was just able to see American Horror Story: The Coven.  It recently came in at the library.

I must say that this entire series is decidedly odd and at many times disturbing.  Coven, I believe was the most disturbing, most gory so far.  The story line was good but some parts were definitely unexpected.  Kathy Bates, love her, was great.  I will never forget her in Misery.  Angela Bassett was excellent as well.  Funny, hell was what each person dreaded the most. 

I have always been a horror fan since I was a child.  Horror has changed since I was a child.  It has become much more graphic. It was more psychological when I was a child.  Less gore but it messed with the mind more. I still have not gotten over The Exorcist.  That was terrifying to my soul.  Can't even watch it today.  It and Pennywise the I hate clowns and mimes!  And sicfi could be just as horrifying and even it has become more graphic and gory.  Who was not just horrified about what soylent green was??  The birds from The Omen, Rosemary's baby....and more.  I always tell my daughter that she needs to see the originals.  Not the remakes of those classic tales.  The were the best and the creepiest.  They don't have all the blood and gore of todays  horror or scifi but they are just as good.

If I am not mistaken there are 2 more seasons of American Horror Story done that have not made it to the library on DVD.  Well, all things in good time. 


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