April 12, 2015

The Nile Monitor is Invading Florida

Nile Monitor lizard Florida

I was reading the news this weekend and came across this article about the monitor lizards that are invading Florida.  Sad!  I had an exotic pet that I bought from the pet store because it was mislabeled.  You know..that albino frog!  I knew that I could not get rid of it or turn it loose anywhere.  I kept that frog until it died.

It really bugs me that people just turn these exotic pets loose.  They are not thinking at all of the impact to the environment.  Look at the pythons!  They have taken over Florida and are eating everything in site.  The fact that the monitor is here is scary.  They have been known to attack humans.  I will have to do research but are not they deadly to us.  Venomous?  Apparently they are not eating pets..cats in particular. 

Hard to believe because cats are hard to catch.  It will be time to move when you see these roaming freely in your back yard or in the woods.


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