May 11, 2006

Chin Up!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Today started off good until the 2nd hour of work. It seems like now I have a target on my back at work. Every file I have is being scrutinized. There seems to be something not quite right in each one. Good thing I have a very thick skin and I let things roll off my back like a duck! I would think that my manager is out to get me. It is odd because as far as the target goals we have each month, I am right in there with everyone else and leading in most of them. So what the problem is I am not sure. I too can respond back in an email and question authority. We will see where it goes.

I had to go to a doctor appointment this moring and on my way back into the office I was trying to steal myself for whatever negative emails I may get via my manager. In fact I was feeling kind of low. God looks out for us. As I was walking to the parkinglot something caught my eye. It happened to be what I needed to see. There was a white BMW parked right in front of the building and it had a personalized tag that said,"CHIN UP." Well I took that as a sign. I took a deep breathe and walked into the building to face the afternoon.

Chin up. It was what I needed because I got several more barbs shot my way. Never let them see you sweat. My philosophy when people begin to do things to you that are not quite right is to keep on trucking. Be strong in the face of adversity because showing no fear is what some people need to see, to realize that what they are doing is futile.

God does look out for us. After lunch while I was negotiationg with one of our business associates, I got a job offer. Better pay to come over to the other side. I am going to update my resume as it has not been redone in about 6 years. Change is in the air! I have been looking for a sign to make a move and I got it today.


  1. I hate work days like that target on the back! yikes!! oh, lol, I do really hope your ok!!