May 17, 2006

The Birds

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Birds. The birds. The birds are everywhere! The follow me when I am in my car. Cardinals and doves are the main ones. They are always swooping in from of my car when I am driving. I always brake. I cannot hit them.

They are telling me to fly. Fly high. Fly high like the flying Nun! Lord of the Flies. Birds swooping in front of my car everytime I get in it. It. It is. It is not natural. They are a sign for me to fly high and make a move. A move that will be a better place for me. A move worthy of my worth. Worthy of my assets. Worthy of my contributions.

Today the biggest one of all swooped in front of me. A large owl. Large. Large like the land that time forgot. Right in front of me in the pond at the office. Upward with wings soaring in front of my windsheild. Odd. You normally do not see owls in the daytime. I took that, that the time was now.

They may not swoop next week. My window of opportunity may close. Next week may be too late. I must fly now. Fly. High. Fly high with the wings of owls. Next week those birds may be just be sitting on the branches of trees. Looking. Eyes beady and black. Black like the birds of the Omen.


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