June 03, 2006

Lesbian Batwoman?

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Why? Why will there now be a lesbian batwoman? To be more politically correct? What is the world coming too? Why? Makes no sense to me. Is Batman now going to come out of the closet as being on the "DL?" Men who discreetly have sex with other men while in sexual relationships with women are said to be on the "down low" (or "dl" for short). Often these men do not consider themselves gay or bisexual and their female partners are not aware that they have sex with other men, thus the term "down low" or "in hiding". Give me a break!

DC Comics says the character, who was brought in originally in 1956 as Batman's love interest, will be reintroduced as a lesbian as part of an effort to diversify its superhero roster. Kane is open about her sexuality with her friends, but has not come out to her family, executive director Don Didio said.

The new Batwoman will appear starting in July in a new comic called "52." DC says the year-long series will show what happens when Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman disappear from Gotham City. More here.

Update to this post 06-07-06: The blogosphere was all abuzz with the "new and improved" batwoman. This blog was one of the blogs referenced on CBSNews.com in an article written by
Melissa McNamara. Check that article out here at this link:

Caped Crusader Drives Blogs Batty


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