December 18, 2006

Alien Adoption

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I've seen a ship. A real UFO ship. That is my story and I am sticking to it! It was the spring of 1979, my first year of college.

I was visiting a friend of mine at her campus--the University of South Carolina. We were walking across campus around 7:00pm on our way to dinner. The sky was dark and clear. It was a cloudless night. I have always been a stargazer so as we walked across the bridge that took us to the cafeteria I was looking up in the sky. I noticed a small elliptical object hovering in the sky. It was very bright-much brighter than anything else in the sky. I at first thought it was Venus but it seemed to be in motion. I stopped walking and looked really hard. It was in motion.

I asked my friend to look in the sky as I pointed to what I was looking at. All of a sudden before she could even look around and find what I was pointing at, that ship winked out of sight. In the night sky it was about the size of a penny. All of a sudden it just streaked away until it got as small as the head of a pin, then got smaller and was gone. Just like that! It just winked out of sight. In less than a second.

My friend did not see what I saw. It was gone to fast. I know that whatever was in that ship knew that I saw it and did not want anyone else to see it, so it left. Ever since that day I have had this odd feeling that that ship could come back for me at any time. That feeling has never left me. As I read books and information about aliens and abductions after that day I came to realize that aliens are real.

Now through the internet, you can have your own pet alien of sorts. Check out Alien Adoption World Collectors Kits. I watched the video and it is kind of cool. I think my nephew would like one of these. He is into star wars and sci- fi. You add water to the tube and the alien comes to life. There is even a heart that begins to beat. There is the on-line site were you can interact with other alien enthusiasts and even record what your alien is doing in the lab. The adoption kit contains two aliens, 2 video games, an alien head gurglin keychain,a certificate of authencity,&feeding materials called sloog,nutrients for your alien grow in size inside the tube.After few weeks your alien grows to adulthood.

Believe it or not, it can make it to your house by Christmas! Orders placed By December 19th will arrive in time for Christmas. The collectors kit with two aliens & membership to premium website filled with games and more features, and a bunch of stuff for just $40. Check them out at Alien Adoption World. This is a numbered limited edition kit that is only made availble through the adoption world website.

You know, this is the only alien I want to see. This kind and the ones on television. The one I saw in the night sky so long ago on my way to dinner? Please...I do not want that opportunity again! EVER!

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