December 05, 2006

The Love of Posting

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While blogging hs always been a love of mine, I really did not know about PayPerPost until recently. Now I had heard about blogging for money but did not really know anything about it oand I have never looked into it. I was not looking for it when I found it. I was actually doing a search for something else and PayPerPost, ads on blogs, came up. I book marked it to come back to later and was I happy I did.

I read info that was on the site and thought, this can't be true! If I post, following the requirements, I could get paid for blogging! I thought that I would try it but I was still leery. Would I really get paid?! It is a reality! I love it! It is an easy system to implement and it does increase traffic to my blog. I write about web sites, products, services, and companies and earn money for providing reviews, opinions and valuable feedback to advertisers.

I am a newbie still and am still reading things in the forums to figure things out. So far so good! PayPerPost is a wonderful opportunity for anyone out there. It combines two things I love, blogging and getting paid!


  1. Welcome to PayPerPost! There's also Blogitive and Blogsvertise :-)