December 04, 2006

Tummy Honey

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I remember when I was pregnant with my child. I got all the cremes and cocoa butter and still I was so dry and uncomfortable, it just about drove me crazy. I was worried about stretch marks but I guess I was a little more worried about getting enough moisture in my skin. I have always been a fan of cremes and lotions and I just about keep Bath and Body Works in business. I remember not having a lot of money when I was pregnant , so I did not have as many cremes and things then. I used a lot of cocoa butter. I always smelled like cocoa. That got to be just a little annoying.

There are lots of things on the market for stretch marks but this is something new: Tummy Honey. Tummy Honey is all natural, hyperallergenic and even contains ingredients to help fade stretch marks. Tummy Honey Cream is for fading existing stretch marks, typically 30-70%, either during or after pregnancy. It contains a key plant extract clinically proven to help fade stretch marks called Strivectin. I have not heard of that. Have you? For more about the company origin, check out the link. Tummy Honey is at a great price. Only $19.95. I might be worth it, so be sure to give it a try. It might even make a great gift for a pregnant mother for the holidays. The price won't break the bank! Mother's will retain the beauty during the pregnancy.


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