January 11, 2007


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Capodimonte! I am very familiar with these pieces. My mother has collected them for about 10 years now. She has all sorts of capodimonte behind glass, in her living room on tables and in the den on display. She has always been in love with capodimonte. As a child I never understood the fascination. What child really understands collectibles at a young age? Not one.

Now it is a different thing. As an adult I too have begun to collect things. Mainly Disney things. This site has disney capodimonte. I am excited! I have just begun to collect the Disney Jim Shore pieces, so this is something to add to the list once I get finished with those peices! Look at this...beautiful!

These are the classic pieces and they are having an ffer of 5% off on all our products until the end of January. Can we sale!

I did not really realize that lamps were a part of the collectibles. Nor did I know about all the wall sconces they have as well. My mother was a big collector of all the florals. She has a lot of florals and some of the birds. She got into the capodimonte because of another friend of hers. I did not know the history behind it until today, when I read about where it originated...in Italy.

What is Capodimonte? Capodimonte is an 18th century Italian style of the finest porcelain reserved for kings and queens. The style became popular when the royal family in Italy fell in love with the beauty of Capodimonte arts. Soon after, many young artists incorporated this style into their techniques for ceramic sculpting. Years later, this art work was made available for everyone who truly recognizes the elegance of Capodimonte collectibles.

Now I know why they are so collectible. High end collectibles only sells the authentic pieces. They even ship internationally and accept PayPal. That makes it easy to shop. I have not seen any capodimonte in my area in years. My mother has not bought any pieces in years. Now that I have had a chance to see what is available now, I have birthday, mother's day and christmas to think about and may be get her a new piece for her collection. I will have to go to her house and look at what she has so there is no duplication when I buy.

I just saw the fruits and I think she has a fruit centerpiece! I do not know which one, but I know she has one of these. I think that for purposes, this site is easy to use and there is quite a bit of variety. (Who would have thought old shoe would be a thing of beauty?) When ordering and if there is a need to return, they even will be responsble for shipping costs as long as things are returned in mint condition within 7 days. You can even be kept up to day with new things by signing up for the catalog. That might be a good way to get mom to indicate what she may like without me asking her outright what she wants. I am so glad I saw this site. My mother will be a very happy woman this year! Shemay be getting some new capodimonte pieces!

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