January 21, 2007

Humidifiers Can Be Beneficial

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My father died on December 22, 2006, as you may well know from most of my recent posts from a heart attack. He was also a smoker who gave up that habit back in the 1980's. He was plagued in recent years with lots of colds in the winter that ended up with what sounded like bronchitis. He coughed and coughed just about all winter long. We wondered if it was his heart. He went to the doctor and was checked each winter and it was a combination of things. What mostly, I am not sure.

What I do know is that my mother bought him a humidifier about 3 months ago. He was coughing and coughing and had a cold. The cough was so bad that he could not sleep at night without having to sit upright in a chair. The humidifier my mother bought was one that sat on a small table near the bed. My father would fill it with water and periodically throught the night my mother would get up and check it...just to be sure that it was filled with water. My father said it did help him breathe easier. It was the little things that made a difference. He said it helped but he was still coughing.

It was a quiet one that, the did have a low water indicator. It could also adjust to different speeds. I know it must have helped or he would not have used it night after night. He was not one to use much of anything if he could when it came to medications and gadgets. So For him to use a humidifier, it must have really made a difference in his breathering and coughing. It was the mist. It made it easier for him to breathe. With him being so short of breathe at times, I do believe it really made a difference.

The humidifier my mom bought used cold water as opposed to the warm. Check out the difference between the warm and cold humidifiers. In addition, you really can't just put water in one and go, without thinking about cleaning it once in a while. All humidifiers require regular cleaning. Failure to clean your humidifier on a regular basis will lead to the buildup of mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. Ideally, water should be changed on a daily basis. I know my mother or father changed the water daily. For complete education on selecting the best humidifier for you or your loved one, see the complete guide to buying a house humidifier. It could be the best health decision you could make short of having to see the doctor for minor nasal annoyances. I am just glad that the humidifier made a difference for my father in the short time he had left once he began to use it.

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