January 26, 2007

Life REALLY is All about Drama

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

That last post made me remember a real life drama from the past that I was involved in. Not that I really was, but someone put me in it. They accused me improperly. This was many years ago. I was working at a mall store back in the late 1990's. There was a girl who worked with me in the same department but not in the same counter. She worked the Fashion Fair counter. She was what some would call high yellow with very little hair of her own. She wore a weave. She was very well dressed and had lots of real jewelry. Well, I was new and I went to lunch with her a time or two. I had only been there about a month and really did not know anything. Well, it turned out to be a lunch full of confessions. Hers!

She told me all about herself. What she told me was a surprise. She told me that she was a "kept" woman. Her boyfriend was married and not only that he was a drug dealer. She told me that. I was immediately uneasy and wanted to go. Yet she continued on. All of her real jewels that we had were the result of her boyfriends drug dealings. So was the quarter million dollar home she and her mother lived in. The boyfriend was in jail for his profession. I never told another soul what she told me. I was kind of scared of her now. I was new so who would I tell anyway?

Well about a month passed and all of a sudden she would not speak to me. I asked her why and she accused me of telling all of her secrets. I was hurt and I tried to talk to her, not because I was trying to keep her secret, but because I was an honorable person. If someone ever tells me a secret, it stays with me. She refused to believe me. I even tried to appeal to her sensibilities. I was new in the state? Did she not think that others would know who she was about? People going to jail is public knowledge. Well, I got so mad that she would not believe me I decided to turn that back on her. In a way that would let her know I had not said a word.

Co-workers began to ask what happened between us to I told them everything. That I was being accused unjustly of not keeping a confidence and then I told everyone the secrets that were told to me. I prefaced the secret that I was telling the secret because I was being accused wrongly so I might as well tell everyone. Well I told about 10 people who asked, knowing it would get right back to the girl I went to lunch with. Then to end it, I went to her and told the lunch girl that I was telling everyone the entire story and that I was telling her secrets to everyone because I was being accused wrongly and I wanted them to know what and why. She would be correct after the fact. I again told her that I never told her secret to anyone and that she was wrong.

With that we never were able to mend that relationship. We were always just associates. But people came to realize that the co-worker I went to lunch with was wrong.


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