January 23, 2007

Valentine Reflections

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I remember when I was dating a long time ago one guy who I eventually got engaged to. We were kind of on rocky grounds often. Well, one Valentines day came around and we were arguing. Now I have always been a fan of nice lingerie and I used to buy tons of things from Victoria Secrets. Now many years later I have come to love flannel pajamas. They are just so comfy in the winter.

Well anyway, me and the boyfriend was fueding and he was to come over and talk. I thought he was going to do the right thing. In my mind, he was going to apologize, come bearing gifts and be nice and take me out to dinner and we would have a magical evening. Why would I think that? It is a woman's dream.

He did come over and he came with what looked like roses. Cloth roses. I took them not realizing what they really were. We talked and kind of got the air cleared. He did not have any other gifts but those 6 cloth roses, there was not a dinner or hint of going out. I was disappointed. I resolved for a quiet night of tv. Well, what was I thinking. That is not how a man thinks.

He asked about the roses. Did I like them. I told him yes. I mean they were not anything special. They were not even real. He asked me to look hard at them. I did. They looked like lace and he told me to pull them apart. I did and they were lace bikinis folded as roses. He asked me to put that on. I was livid. I told him to get to steppin'. No dinner? No dancing? No gifts? No nothing else!

I have had very nice Valentine' s Days since then filled with nice gifts and even nice lingerie. Check out the Sexy Lingerie Coupons because the day will soon be here. There is even a free gift with a purchase so that is a nice benefit to buying things for that special day in advance. Most of the gifts will be hosiery or undies to compliment your purchase. There is a $25 minumum purchase and there is a large variety of things to choose from ranging from babydolls to costumes, corsets and undies. To get the gift you just have to enter a code at check out. That code is "January2007freegift." This offer expires the last day of January. Easy as pie to get that gift!

What will I do this year? This year will be quiet. For now I do not have a prospect of a date, so I will in my flannels, hoping for a romantic, exciting, gift filled Valentine's Day next year! A girl can only hope!

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  1. Well Valentines Day is dedicated to the celebration of love...and we have so many things we love...even if someone is single they can celebrate Valentines Day too...well i'd like you to visit my blog sometime and share a few of thoughts on this subject...i'm sure you're gonna enjoy it!!!