February 11, 2007


Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I went to see Babel last night and I must say I was dissappointed. I do not see what all the rabble about Babel was all about. It simply did not flow. The story line got lost. The whole japanese tangent was what threw it all off. What was in the note at the end. Why was she naked on the balcony. I know she was troubled but that story line was a stretch. The whole morrocan story with the hispanic maid taking the kids to mexico fit well, but the japanese story did not! Not! NOT!

That movie as an Oscar or Golden Globe contender is lame. Brad Pitt did not do any, let alone his best, work in that movie. The best thing about that movie was the music. It was beautiful and haunting and I can see it being Oscar/Golden Globe contender for music, but nothing else. There were a few good camera shots. Quite a few that were very artistic, but nothing really dramatic. Would I recommend Babel? No. Do not waste your money to see it in the thearters. Wait until it comes out on DVD.


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