February 21, 2007

The Fireplace

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My father passed away on December 22 leaving a very dependent mom on my hands. I am basically running her household and mine. Not fun. It was amazing the amount of things that my father did for her. My mom was truly a pampered woman who took all of that for granted. Now alot of the household things are left to me. This brings me to the fireplace. They have one that my father put in may years ago. He was very handy with his hands and made lots of things. He made a gorgeous fireplace with wonder wood panels. A few years ago, they had it changed over to gas. Now my father alwasy operated that fireplace. My mom was shown.. she said but she never really paid attention.

Now she cannot get it lit. She was able to figure it out once since his death. I have never been show how to use it. There are gas logs there as well as a little red button and a dial. I have done an internet search to try to figure out basic instructions of how to turn a gas fireplace on. Now I am very fearful of gas. I tried once last weekend, before I got instructions and we all began to smell gas. We got all frantic and opened the windows. I hope we can get it figured out without blowing up the house!

The online outlet store has a host of products devoted to fireplaces and gas logs. They even have vent free gas logs. I do believe that is what my parents have. They are better than wood logs because they eliminate the mess caused by soot and smoke. Gas logs come in options for a vented or ventless fireplace, the first looking more like a real wood fire, and the second a more efficient heating source. After looking at the site furthur, I think this looks like exactly what we have. If you are in the market for a new fireplace, then look around the site. They have just about all that you could possible want in the way of fireplaces and supplies to accompany it.

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