February 20, 2007

High Ball High

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Today was such a bad day I had to resort to having a drink tonight. Ginger ale and Canadian Club. Nothing beats that smooth taste. I have not had canadian club in about 5 years. Maybe 8. I went to Costoco and got a bottle. You know at Costoco everything is the industrial size. This bottle had a handle and some sort of plastic pour spout, it is sooooo large. I have had three highballs and am currently feeling no pain. The cares of the day are fading temporarily and I feel happy and as light as a cloud. Now tomorrow may be a different thing. I most likely will have a headache and will curse myself thinking: what was I thinking drinking canadian club...you have not had a drink like that in 6 -8 years! Right now that does not matter. I think I will be going for number four. Then I will stop, go upstairs and turn on the dvd adn watch the 2nd season of the X-Files and go to sleep.


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