February 20, 2007

The Postie Wedding

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I saw this frame and of course it would be the one I would be drawn to. It was a beautiful wedding. I even cried. I get misty at all weddings. I remember my own with bittersweet memories. I wore the white dress I spent hours making and it was beautiful. I can sew pretty well. You cannot tell my clothes are made clothes. I even made a wedding veil. I ended up not wearing it even thought it was the thing I spent the most time wearing. Whenever I pull it out, it makes me cry...that I did not wear it. I still dream of my princess wedding. I did not have itbefore. I tried to make it as magical as possible but it was only my magic working one way. I finally flushed the ring I got married with down the toilet a few years ago. He did not even bother to buy me a new band. I know now that it was a band that went to a ring that belonged to some past girlfriend. It was a marriage made in hell. Only I was keeping hope alive.

The Pay Per Post wedding looked magical. The groom seemed to have a knot of his forehead. I wonder if he fell down. There was a girl at the front of the church who had a large tattoo of something on her arm that took up her entire forearm. I wonder what that was. Elvis! HE was great. What Ls Veas weddind is not complete without Elvis. I wish the couple a very happy life. they look happy and that is half the battle. To be happy each day about your circumstances and who you are with. This was my favorite video. Even thought it ws a part of a reality show you can still relate. It is real people who just filmed their wedding. Not quite like Survivor of some of the other reality shows that are edited for ratings or what would make good tv.

I wish all the posties much success in making that business a success. It is all about Pay Per Post! In the words of Austin Powers...YEAH, BABY!


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