February 20, 2007

Those Crazy Cell Phones

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My father and mother have a cell phone that my father kept up with. My mother now has it and it is a thorn in her side. She does not see the benefit of even keeping it anymore. Ithink she needs to have it inthe event of an emergency. It was in my father's name and he passed away on December22, 2006. Well, I took my mother last week to get a new phone. to trade in the old one as it is really dated. I had her convinced she was ready for a new phone with lots of Cingular upgrades. She really does need a new phone.

We drive to the phone store and try to do that very thing. We can't because the phone is in my father's name and we did not think that we had to bring a copy of the death certificate to turn in that phone and stop service on it. We left without getting it changed over, but we will try again this week. We will turn in that phone and get serivce in my mom's name and get her a new phone. Life sure can be complicated. Who would have thought all that was necessary for a phone...to turn the service off and turn it in.

Now with Wirefly, you can get free phones with a new contact or when you are extending an contact via renewal. You can even get free accessories. They seem to have all the lastest models from the razors to the crackberries. My mom will just be getting a basic phone. She would not beneft from having all that fancy stuff. For a woman in her 70's, all that fancy gadgetry is a deterent. Wirefly.com is the leading online retailer of wireless phones and service plans, offering more carriers, plans and phones than anybody else, at the guaranteed lowest prices. I was thinking of getting a fmaily plan with her, btu I think it best she have a separate plan and I get a family plan for just my child and I. Why? Just in case she decides she really wants to get rid of the phone.

Be sure to check out all that Wirefly has. They are even having a three day sale! Who can pass up a sale! You won't be sorry you did!

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