February 25, 2007

Why? 4 Times

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Why is it that people cannot accept responsibility for their actions? Today I go to pick my mother up for church. We are supposed to be there at 9:45 am for sunday school. I get there at 9:40. We could have made it on time as the churchis about 5 mintues away. I go to the house and she does not come out. I have to do it and she had lost her bible and cannot find it. She has another and has it but cannot find the lesson book for class. We will be late now. We are. We get to sunday school about 10 minutes late. The class has started and about a little ways into it the instructor makes a remark about... see what you miss when you are late... I do not think much of that or anything really. He is lucky we are there at all. The think that bothers me is when he says that my mother reaches over and taps me on the arm. Like I made us late....I did not move a muslce. I just ignore it. It was inappropriate so I ignored it. Later we get to church and she again makes a comment that we cannot be late. I told her I was on time. We could have made it. She then said that I could not blame being late on her, I was late. I ignored it. I just let it go. But she was wrong. She lied in church and right before GOD. He will take care of that so I let it go. But it bothers me. People do not take responsiblity for their actions. They like to blame them on others. That bothers me. We will let this one go....but others... watchout. I will only let you do that for so long.


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