April 16, 2007

All That Glitters

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Of My Time.....Hauntings.

All that glitters IS gold. Now I like my gold jewelry but never really thought about gold bars as an investment. Have you? I bet the average person has not. Now I know that history proves that gold and other precious metals have been something treasured but not all have had access. Today everyone has the opportunity to buy gold. Monex is the company providing that opportunity. We simply need to call and a representative will confirm what we want to buy at the current market price of gold that day. Then a written confirmation will be mailed to you. The day we call is the day we need to pay by bank draft or by overnighting a check to Monex. Once the funds have been verified and cleared, the gold will be shipped to you. Easy!

They can even buy it back if you want to sell you gold. It can all be done over the phone. If you really want more information, you can take advantage of the special offers. There is one called Why Gold? Why Now? in CD form that can be shipped to you if you want answers to detailed questions. All that glitters IS gold! Now everyone and not just the financial tycoons have access to getting some!


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