April 16, 2007

Take Aim with AimPromote!

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AimPromote is one of the international providers of automation tools and marketing integration. Big words! What does it mean? It means that they are able to develop tailor made systems based on your business to manage leads. For example, take mortgage lead management. If you are the lender need to keep records of possible lenders, you need a data base to keep up with that information. AimPromote can develop custom computer forms with fields that would include contact information, the requested loan amount and so on. Whatever you needed to keep a record of to assist in following up on that lead to turn it into a potential lender.

According to their research lost leads are due to neglect which accounts for 80% of lost leads. To help prevent this within a business, there is something called a lead attention meter that will be a color from green to yellow to red based on whether that lead is being neglected or not. If a lead is being neglected you will get an alert to let you know that it needs to be followed up on. With tools like that any business would be smart to check out this program to see what features c ould help grow its business.

What does it cost? Well the setup fee is free. For the prices charged, you get all the features and there are many. Based on pricing they are the fastest growing lead management provider out there. The key being they are priced based on overall usage. You can't beat that! They are outdoing the competition and are striving to be the best in customer service and support. That is why they are offering the 14 day free trial. The product is self is an on demand product so there is not any software to download.

So what do you need to do? Check out AimPromote if you want a profitable business or website!

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  1. if you are looking for the leader in mortgage lead management I think you should check out www.kaleidico.com.