April 20, 2007

Running Shoes

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When I was in college I used to run. That was the first time I ever took up that sport seriously. I t was part of the physical education course I took. That course was hard. I began to run, at first a few blocks. I then teamed up with a nother girl who was in the class who was from the Virgin Islands. She ran all the time and with her encouragement I began to run miles. I got pretty good and I got skinny. I was pleased with that.

I do not recall what sort of running shoes I bought back then. I just remember going down to the athletic store about a block from campus and plunking down about $70. I ran so much I even bought the shoe goo needed to maintain the treads. After that class that was about it. I did not keep it up. I have run at times on and off throught the years but not anything consistent.

I think today if I were buying shoes I would have to do my homework, as to what brand shoe to buy. There are so many options these days. The right shoes will make or break you if you plan to run for sport. Running Centers can help you with that decision. Today there are so many things to consider that range from support, performance and even the amount of cushion the shoe gives you. For example take the womens asics running shoes. There are more than 15 different styles to choose from and they all seem to have different benefits. Some have a "Gender Specific Fit" that offer stability. Others even had a superior gel cushioning system.

Running Centers don't just have Asics. They offer all the top brands so that you can select the shoe that will work best for you in regards to feel, performance and the prevention of injury. The best thing about the site is that it is staffed by runners. They will be sure you get the best shoe for the money by taking the time to analyze your specific bio mechanics. With that is it really not the brand, but the type of shoe that is important.

It does take time to select the correct shoe--about 45 minutes or so. The professional staff is committed to being sure that you are satisfied with your selection. You will leave the center with the right shoe, just for your needs. The shoes are not just the only thing offered on line. There are great links for runners that include articles, clothing links and information about nutritional articles as well. Runners Centers will be able to meet all your running needs. Be sure to check them out on line and at their actual locations. You will not be disappointed.


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