April 20, 2007

Constant Dribble

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Constant Dribble. I hear it all day.
Drib this.
Drib that.

Dribble about race. They are trying to take over the world. They are the devil, you hear me? They have to buy butts because they don't have any. They wear those searsucker pants suits because it accomodates their old butts. They are putting up million dollar homes on what used to be dirt road and a garbage dump. They always like to make fun of black people.

They. They. They.
White Dribble.

More Dribble about race. These men only date white women now. They refuse to give any black girls a chance. They get the worst ones of "them" to date. Look at Tiger. The NANNY! How low. They refuse to respect their black mothers who birthed them. They need to pull up their pants. You call that a man. There is only a prison mentality in the projects.

They. They They.
Black Dribble.

A little dab will do you. For Dribble, that is.
Constant dribble will wear you down.
You can't respond to all that dribble. It is impossible.

How much negativity can their be in one small elderly woman?
I don't think she likes not a soul on this earth.
Not one soul.

About 70 years worth of negative dribble.
Unlike the tide, it does not ebb and flow.
It just flows.

Flows forth in a constant river of negative dribble.
Dribble I don't agree with or want to hear.
Dribble I can't tell her to shut up about.
I would then become part of the constant flow that is always there.

Constant Dribble. I hear it all day.
Drib this.
Drib that.


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