May 09, 2007

Found Treasure

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

A day at the beach is a wonderful thing. I was having a very bad morning due to the evil one. I was able to escape for about 3 hours and I went to the sea. I have found that if you take all bad things to the sea, you can leave then there in the depths of the deep! Deep breathing and focusing the wind and the horizon made me a new woman. Her pettiness was washed away and it did not matter anymore. Now shallow some people are.

I wallowed in the waves.
I blew in the wind.
I grew dizzy watching water swirl around my ankles.

I was.

And it was me.
I was the sea.
It emptied me.
It filled me.
It happied my soul.

I flew like the birds.
I captured the wind.
I rode on its' roar.

I was the sea
and it was me.






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