June 26, 2008

ArteFill Face Forward Makeover

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Need a pickme up? Consider entering the Artefill Makeover contest. I just did. It is for women over 35. Easy to enter contest as well. All you have to do is submit a personal essay as to why you should win the makeover. My submission summarized the last two years since my father died in December 2006, just two days before Christmas and what the past two years have been like living with my mother. Chaos and her personality issues have made me feel aged by 10 or more years. I need that makeover. BAD! It is not just any old makeover like going down to your local cosmetic counter at your local department store. It is the serious $10,000 makeover! So sign up! Here is the link to enter: ArteFill Makeover Contest

Entering was easy. Just be real and tell a little about yourself in your essay. I was motivated because when I was in my 20's I used to work for Estee Lauder. I loved that line and working for them gave me the knowledge I needed to know that skincare, how we maintain our skin and actual products used on the skin, can and will make a drastic difference in the aging process. While I still use that cosmetic line now, I use it hit or miss when I have time. I want to look younger and Artefill uses a wrinkle filler that is really supposed to make a difference in the appearance of aging skin. I am all for that pickme up. It will minimize smile lines and other small wrinkles.

I truly believe that taking care of our skin will go a long way in keeping women looking young. I look around me in the faces of women I see every day and may do not use much of anything, not even that much makeup where I work. They look tough. Some of the women in my own family do nothing in the way of skin care or makeup. I am the opposite. I always want to look as good as I feel because that will keep me young. Why look older than we really are? I truly believe you are as young as you feel. Having great skin is in keeping with that as well.

So...sign up for the contest! It will only take a few minutes. You might just be the lucky winner of a makeover that might just add a fe more years to your life and lifestyle!


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