June 26, 2008

You Are Never More Than 6 Feet Away From A Spider!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Who was it who said that you are never more than six feet from a spider? I do not know but I just heard it again recently on a tv show. CSI? Tracking a woman who has split personalities? No, it was Cold Case or something. I forget. She collected spiders and milked them. This morning I get into the shower and I was scrubbing when something told me to look down. I had the odd sensation that something was near my heel. The left one. I looked down and smashed was a very large spider. I had smashed it with my foot while I was taking a shower. Not a daddy long legs. It was some hideously large spider with a bulbous stomach. It legs were all crunched up and the only thin I could think of was Arachnaphobia! I almost screamed. I looked frantically up and around the shower in all directions. Was there a web? Were there more? I was freaked. I told myself to hurry up and get out. I did. Where did it come from? It was hunting for me and I luckily won. Not by any skill, but by having my eyes closed, washing my face in the shower.

My motto? The only good spider is a crushed spider! It is true no matter what you are doing or where in the world you are. Even in the most spotlessly clean homes, those spiders are lurking. Even while sleeping. You are never more than six feet from a spider.


  1. EW.

    I HATE spiders. They're gross. Haha, now I'm worried.

  2. It was Law and Order.