August 14, 2008

Coffee Wars

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

For the past week the coffee wars have raged in the office. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. It all began about a week and a half ago when someone in the front office drank the last of the coffee in the pot and did not make a new pot. The time was about 9am so coffee drinking was in full force by all. The women in the admin office went to the break room and saw that and it was on. Next thing I see is them walking around the office with the empty coffee pot acusing everyone, one by one of drinking the last cup and not making a new pot. The cultprit was found out and since that day, if the coffee gets low, most people go around telling everyone that there is enough for about 1 more cup before a new pot will need to be made.

Well, then the entire process of how you make you cup of coffee has become part of the war. Who is it that carelessly leaves sugar all over the silver tray for others to clean up? Noone confesses to this so people now watch every one when they leave the coffee area and women swarm in to see if there is sugar on the tray....if so that person is called out. Then, who is it that leaves the coffee dingleberries in the sugar.....not rinsing the spoon before putting it in the sugar causing drops of coffee to harden into hard, tan balls in the sugar? Who is not rinsing the spoon? Who is not turning the spoon over so that coffee or water does not pool in the middle of the spoon? Water will cause clear coffee dignleberries in the sugar. It is just plain ridiculous.

Three hours of each morning is spent calling out in the halls, or from office to office on the status of coffee levels in the pot, who was the last in, who just got a cup, who rinsed the community stirring spoon, who did not, who let the coffee dingleberries in the sugar this morning and then the clear ones? Will it never end?

You would think we had no work to do. We are all consumed with the status of coffee. My god! What is this world coming to?


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