November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Well. I did not EVEN have turkey on Thanksgiving...just lamb and baked beef. I went to some families house for dinner and that is what they served along with baked chicken and fish. Where was the turkey????? Because I was going out, I did not buy a personal turkey. So no turkey this year. Seems most odd. I have also had a few days off and of course the germs that have I have been eluding, have jumped on me. I feel sick today. Scratchy throat and some coughing. I feel a rough night is ahead. I have eaten all I think I can today.

I have tried to get rest and I do feel better. Not so sleep deprived. I have watched a few movies this weekend. The best was Wall-E. That was a very cute movie. Check it out if you have not seen it. I bought it from Target last week to save for Thanksgiving night. It was worth it! I even cried. But is not that what most Disney movies do? Wall-E was very cute!

Today I cooked lunch/dinner early. Roasted pork, rice with gravy and mushrooms, wilted spinach and peach cobbler. Now I about to pop! I feel today like I should have felt on Thanksgiving but did not....full and about to pop! It was so good. Well. See ya later. Going to rest.


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