November 29, 2008

Holiday Eyeglass Frames

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I looked at my glasses and those of my child and we are in need of new glasses...both of us. Seriously. I have a lens that keeps popping out. At least once a week, I have to put in a new screw. It drives me crazy. My child is missing one of the nose pads on hers and she never told me. I just noticed a dark spot on her skin and I asked her what that was. I thought she had a cut. It was from the nose pad not being there. The metal had rubbed her skin. I am thinking that when I get my Christmas bonus check I will get us both a pair of new glasses. While we both have doctors that cost a fortune, I wonder about glasses on line being more economical.

When I see all the Holiday frames that Zenni Optical carries, I know we can get a better price that what I had paid before. Check out the site. There are frames of all styles from metal to plastic to titanium. They can even handle our prescriptions. Look at the prices. They have glasses that start as low as eight dollars. Who can beat that! No doctor around here can. The lowest I have seenlocally is $99.00. The reason why the prices are so low is beccause they make their own glasses. There is no middleman or maketing to pay for. We get the glasses at just about cost to make. With the variety involved, there is no way you cannot find a pair. Look what I found! I really like these!

The design on the temple is cute! Ordering is easy. Just fill out the form with your prescription information and once the order is received, their technicians check what you submit to be sure it is accurate. To help you figure out what needs to be on the order form , there are even pages to help explain your prescription and a page on medical terms. Even with that, if you still don't understand something, you can call the company and speak to a technician who can help. The glasses are made and shipped to you. Your glasses, depending on what you ordered, will be ready within ten days to three weeks. Sales are final but if there is a problem they can be returned for a partial refund.

If you are in the market for new glasses, be sure to check out Zenni Optical. They have a multitude of colors and designs to choose from, all at an economical price. Shipping? All shipping is $4.95, even if there are multiple pairs. You cannot go wrong with that!


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