March 10, 2012

Data Centers

In the great big world of technology there is always the need for data management.  It seems that technology is running away with us instead of us running away with it. Between computers, smart phones and social media there are so many directions we could take to manage information.  One way is use of a datacenter .    A good data center is one that can provide hosting, colocation and disaster recovery.  In addition they would offer services like daily management of servers, private clouds and operating systems.  Those are just a few of the basic things most businesses would be looking for and willing to pay for when managing their data.

Most of the time we do not think of our data until something goes wrong.  In my case, that is when I think of it.  When my computer crashes or when I loose a file, I think, in a can I get that back?   In my world it means regenerating files or getting a new laptop. In the tech world or  in the business world, loosing data could mean loosing time and possibly even money. An efficient data center would be able to handle routine things like reboots and tape swaps and have staff available who could support clients through the entire application process. What would be helpful to businesses is a data management system that would almost feel like an extension of their IT department.  In addition, they would have all the possible tools to build and manage their IT operations, from spare servers, routers and switches to firewalls, Ethernet wires and cables.

In the news today we often hear about businesses that have had their data compromised.  That has happened more than once with credit card companies and other retail businesses.  Privacy and adherence to all the HIPAA laws is vital. There are hackers out there who wake up each day thinking.....whose data can I try to steal today?  Data management needs to be HIPAA compliant. Included in the   data center services should be solutions that are fully compliant with all HIPAA laws for your business to be sure all requirements are met.  In regards to privacy, the perfect data management  system will provide tools to  diagnose, identify and eliminate any threats to your infrastructure.

With technology growing by leaps and bounds each day, data management will be the necessary wave of the future.  Maybe the matrix is real! (lol) .  When looking for a data management company be sure you do your research and select a company that has experience in dealing with the public and private sector.  They need to offer everything you could possible need to manage and maintain your operating systems.


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