March 18, 2012

Direct TV

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Today just about everyone is trying to jump on the tv/phone/internet bundling.  There are a few tried and true companies that provide excellent service and directtv is one of them. My mother has Direct TV and loves it. I wish I had it.  I have not had cable of any kind since 1994.  I am considering getting cable in the future and I am considering Direct TV first.  They have over 19 million views and are the number one provider of satellite services in the US. Direct TV has over 285 channels and over 170 high definition channels to watch.  They include sports, shows and movies.  With that many options, you will never be without something to watch.

Five options are available to choose from with dx3 direct tv.  They are the : premier package, choice ultimate, choice extra, choice and entertainment.  Check out the site for details on each package. They vary in price from  $29.99 t0 $44.00.  Those are not bad prices for viewing choices in exclusive sports programs or movies that come out even before Netflix or Redbox.  Plus you have the capability to record your favorite shows even when you are not  home via DVR.

The satellite service offered is state of the art  using cutting edge technology for a crystal clear picture and the ability to connect wirelessly in every room. You can start watching in one room and finish up in another. There is no need for multiple DVR's.  One will connect to 15 televisions.  How cool is that?  Installation is even free.  There are some specials going on right now, so please check out You will not be disappointed. A customer service representative is ready and able to tailor your satellite service to your viewing needs.


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