April 02, 2012

Evil Is as Evil Does

Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Don't be deceived by evil.
It does not go away.
It hides in plain sight behind smiles and a few good deeds.
It lies in wait and it can wait a long time.
Just long enough for you to forget the sting from the last exposure.
You forget and it waits.
Waits for the right moment to sting again.
When it shows its hideous face it is a surprise.
You wonder how you could have forgotten!
How could you forget?
You let your guard down!\
After the last time you were going to be ready.
Ready with a remark or churlish word.
Ready for the brouhaha.
Ready to try to beat it.
But...you can't beat evil.
You can only be aware.
Never let your guard down.
Don;t be deceived by evil...
It never goes away.


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