March 17, 2012


Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Many, many years ago when I was in the fourth grade I remember when my mother was considering a pool for the backyard or a new car.  In the end the car won.  I wished for many years she had gotten the pool because I would have learned to swim alot sooner.  I did not learn to swim until college. I took a swimming class to meet my PE requirements.  It was the best class I ever took.  I got over the fear of the water and I was actually able to save a cousin of mine once on a family reunion at a hotel pool.  I do not know what type of pool we would have eventually gotten but I remember that it would be rectangle and not a kidney bean shape.  Throughout the years I have frequented many pools...public and private and I do think about the cleanliness and the vast amounts of chlorine that seem to be in some.  Some of the pools I have been in were really questionable as to the appropriate care that should have been done to maintain  them.

If you have a pool these days, the care and maintenance has all be worked and reworked until it is now down to a science.  No more guessing about how to maintain your pool and with what.  Doheny is a company that takes the guess work out of pool maintenance.  It is a company that has over 42 years of experience in the business and that allows them to bring us, the customer, the most reliable and most economical pool supplies in the country.  They have everything you could possible need, from chlorine tablets and balancers to pumps, filters and heaters.  Those are just a few of the plethora of items that are available from their web site.

Doheny is able to handle both commercial and residential pools in any season regardless of the weather.  Doheny's Water Warehouse will save you time and money without risking quality.  They are in partnership with the top manufacturers in their field to maintain an extensive inventory and keep their warehouses stocked at all times.  If you have questions the site even has a handy resource center that will help you get a better understanding of the chemicals and how to achieve water balance, for starters.  There are even videos and a live chat in case you have questions that need to be answered right away.

If you are maintaining your own pool now, please take a gander at this site. Doheny may be able to help you do that in a more cost effective and efficient manner.  They even have overnight delivery and a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  Check out the entire site, they have pool supplies but they also have items that will help beautify your pool as well.  These items are all being offered at a discount price.  Right now they even had a few items on clearance.  Doheny offers one stop shopping for all your needed pool supplies.


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