March 16, 2012

Time With Teens

Snapshots In My Time...Of My Time.....Hauntings.

I do not know about other parents but I have a great teenager.  I want to say that I take 100% credit for it.  I think I can claim was how I raised her.  She is a delight to be around.  Except for the occasional "clean up your room" hassle,  we really have not had any issues at all.  She is a young women who is thoughtful and kind with a good head on her shoulders.  She is a blessing.  Spending time with her is a joy.  I know that time with her is limited because she will be flying the coop all too soon.

She will be making her way out into the world.  I just hope I have equipped her with all she needs.  I think about that alot.  Did I do all that I could to teach her the skills she needed to make it in the world?  Did I do it right?  Can I still do more? I guess parents do second guess themselves at times.  Whatever I missed hopefully she will be able to figure out herself.  A parents dream is for their kids to do well.  I know mine will.  With God's grace.


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